Job Descriptions / Volunteers:

As with any charity event volunteers are a major part of the event. Listed below are the major job descriptions for the two main areas, shop registration and the camp ground registration.

Besides the jobs listed we are always looking for volunteers to do several miscellaneous jobs.

If you would like to do a specific job or not do a specific one PLEASE tell us as this is a volunteer based event and we do not want to upset anyone by asking them to do something they are uncomfortable with—we want you to enjoy it and have fun so you will return to help with next years event. We will accept your help whenever you can provide it.

If you would like to volunteer please contact one of the volunteer chairman’s listed below or contact Sandy’s Harley Davidson.

Volunteer Chairman’s:

    Shop Registration – Todd & Roxane Bassett
    Grounds Registration – Barb VanBogelen
    Phone: 231-740-4565

Job Times and Descriptions

Registration At Shop
Saturday Morning 7:30 to 12:00
Other Jobs at the Shop
Saturday Morning 7:30 to 12:00
Jobs At Double JJ Resort
Registration -Wednesday 12:00PM to Saturday 3:00pm
Registration at the Sandy’s

Release Advisor

Directs participants to fill out release and then proceed to registration line.
This is a very important position as every person on the run needs to fill this out fully.

Ticket Sellers / Wrist Band

Makes sure each participant has purchased a ticket.
Applies wristband after ticket purchase. Generally one person accepts money while a second person applies the wristband. Each person on the poker run or attending the concert must be banded.

Hand Out Person

Distributes Give Away Item to Each registrant
Distributes copies of flyers or schedules

Information Attendant

Directs people to first poker run stop, and area for Mug or T-Shirt Sales

Mug / T-Shirt Sales

Sell mugs and  shirts and collect monies.

Cash Back Ticket Sales

Sell tickets and inform purchaser of the time of drawing.

First Stop Poker Run—At Registration Area

All run participants begin the poker run at the Registration area at Sandy’s H-D.

Other Jobs at the Shop

    LOH Refreshments

Jobs at Double JJ Resort

Wednesday Noon – 10:00pm
Thursday 9:00am – 10:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 3:00pm

Release Signing / Camping Registration

You are responsible for making sure EVERYONE signs and dates form

Collecting Money

Collect money from each participant

Arm Banding

Place an armband on each paying participant

Raffle Bike Ticket Sales

Sell any tickets that are available

Tee Shirt Sales

Sell run shirts –collect money

Run Mugs

Sell run mugs —collect money

Cash Back

Sell tickets —collect money

Gate Attendant

Direct traffic and wrist band checkers

Last Stop on Scenic Run

Double JJ —Saturday only

Field Events

Help register field event participants and help with games

Bike Show

Help register bikes for show and pass out ballots